Most of the work I have done making gluten free bread has has been focussed on making bread like real bread. Bread that tastes, looks and feels like bread. But, what if there were distinctive, gourmet, gluten free bread varieties?
Let me introduce 'Emperor's Batard'! Ok, the name is a bit corny, but this Black Rice Bread is really set apart from everything else I have made. The crust is light brown, with hints of its royal heritage (black rice was traditionally grown and served to the royalty).  It has the texture of other rice breads, but the flavour is an exquisite blend of flavours: the smokiness of Lapsang Souchong tea, with overtones of chocolate and licorice. 



02/06/2013 07:26

Making distinctive gluten-free breads is a great idea (and a good way to help expand the category of "real bread" to include gluten-free varieties). Your Emperor's Bastard bread looks good, too! My favorite distinctive gluten-free bread is socca: it's not imitating a glutenous flatbread, it just is itself.

I found your site when someone linked to it on Lots of great stuff here. :)

02/06/2013 07:29

Oh, it might have been you who posted the link! (I just looked at your Quinoa Flaky Pastry Etsy page and saw your name was Chris.) Either way, good to find you. :)

Chris Stafferton
06/06/2013 07:16

Thanks Molly. I agree, it is possible to make good gluten free bread. I also like to think of my bread as a variety of 'real bread' that just happens to be gluten free. The more I push the limits beyond accepted GF bread, the more interesting the bread becomes.

Chris Stafferton
06/06/2013 07:18

Well spotted Molly. I don't usually leave a trail like that, but when I saw your comment about bread, I thought you might appreciate seeing some of the possibilities.

05/11/2013 16:46

Good evening Chris,
How interesting to find something which seems to be tasteful and ressembling to real bread. I live in the States and the breads that we find here are made with rice flours but are tasteless, so i think i am going to order your recipes and try them in Texas.
It is very exciting for me to see how they will turn.

Chris Stafferton
05/11/2013 17:00

Hi Michele,
When I started to work out better GF bread there was nothing tasty available where we live in Australia. I am working at extending the range of interesting and tasty GF bread recipes.

I look forward to hearing your progress with the recipes.

Kind regards,



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    When I had to go gluten free I was disappointed at the taste and texture of gluten free baked foods that were available. Packet mixes were very disappointing. So I started to develop recipes that are good to eat.
    There was so much to learn along the way. Eventually I made progress with bread that looked, felt, smelled and tasted like real bread!  From there I have been exploring and learning more about basic gluten free ingredients to make a range of bread, pastry and pasta!


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